Integrate Network Perspective

Connect your internal systems via REST API and access your data easily. 
We will be happy to help your apps sync data with Network Perspective.

Sync data

All the apps that sync data with Network Perspective do it via our API. We share code of all the integrations so it is easy to start up your integration project. Last but not least we will be happy to help you with your efforts.

Query your network

Here are some questions you can ask our query engine:

  • Everyone that works with, but not in, “Marketing” department
  • People that work with both "John" and "Anna"
  • Most connected employees, group by [Team]
  • Shortest path between Eve and Anna
  • My extended network - co-workers of my co-workers - sort by influence

API Reference

Refer to the API documentation when connecting your app. Our API follows OpenAPI Specification hence makes client generation easy. Off the shelf Typescript, C#, and CLI clients are provided.

Read API docs