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Org chart with real-time collaboration to guide you through the unexpected during coronavirus outbreak. Let’s do this together. For free, for good.

Ludzie współpracujący na tle sieci współpracy

Showing how remote work is done in new working conditions

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is very likely that your business will have to work remotely. This day-to-day company-wide change may bring chaos. Every single team and employee will have to learn how to get work done in a new way. Network Perspective makes this change much more effective and less complex by bringing collaboration data to your organizational chart. The app shows real-time how people and teams work to give everyone access to actual work practices. Connect it with Office 365 or G-suite and make coronavirus outbreak less painful for employees and work done in your company.

Emergency Org Chart is now free to assist

Network Perspective has supported 60+ companies with a collaboration chart. Now it’s time to use it for fighting the coronavirus outbreak consequences. We have decided to provide companies with our software for free for 6 months through the availability of Emergency Org Chart. Here is how it works. We try to help any way we can.s

Sync collaboration data

Emergency Org Chart connects to G-suite and Office 365 to deliver comprehensive view of how people and teams work in your organization.

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Visualizing the collaboration paths gives enormous opportunities. You can clearly see how each team, department and the entire company works. This knowledge not only allows to streamline processes and optimize cooperation, but it also increases the autonomy of employees by giving them a clear picture of their role and position in the organization's structure

Executive Director, Teneo

Navigate your organization

Network Perspective shows connections between people and teams and how each team functions, giving everyone access to proven work practices.

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I am much more confident in new situations. With Network Perspective I see how things work here, how people with experience do their job. So when I have a new task, I don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Senior Key Account Specialist, Samsung

Find people you need

Network Perspective makes even largest companies feel small. Find and easily reach out to people with the knowledge you need, from team coordinators to brokers connecting different departments.

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I use it to quickly find a person with the knowledge I need. Before, I used to describe a task to my colleagues and ask who might know how to handle it. Now, I instantly find the right person myself.

Product Manager at General Electric Healthcare

A culture of collaboration

Network Perspective makes connections matter as much as divisions. This improves employee engagement, organizational agility, learning, team productivity and the entire culture.

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A role of top management is to build a work environment supporting people in completing their projects and executing ideas, that will respect and nurture natural connections that form between them.

CEO of Atos Poland

Empowering your employees with remote tools is a good start but knowing how work is done might be even more important during the COVID-19 outbreak

Collaboration tools for remote work are a good start. Here is a good list of reliable products. As a distributed team ourselves, we’ve used many of them. Remote work is great but implemented on a company-wide basis in a short time will change many processes, roles, and practices. This may bring chaos, uncertainty and lack of a basic framework for people and teams. Network Perspective helps you navigate the whole organization in new conditions through actual work practices and collaboration.

We are here to help

We are here to help companies in fighting the coronavirus outbreak any way we can. If your organization is protecting employees by expanding remote working, we will do all we can to support you. Just contact us and we’ll provide you with our expertise and software for free.

Anita Zbieg, CEO Network Perspective