Everyone in your company 
just a click away

It knows who will help you

How often do you find yourself trying to find or get in touch with someone instead of getting stuff done? Network Perspective augments your social skills with graph algorithms and machine learning so you can quickly find people that not only can answer your questions, but are most willing to help you.

Here I have more details and information and because of all the connections I can quickly find people that are willing to help.

Quality Engineer at Scanfil Poland

Now you know everyone

Skip the manager. With Network Perspective you don't need help finding people with the expertise or competencies you need. Employee profiles provide you with information about what team a person works with along with their competencies and job description.

Younger generations do not think much about imposed formal authorities, but they value opinions of their peers. It's more and more common that one gains authority with competencies and just being helpful, instead of climbing high in formal hierarchy. This transforms how we work and especially how knowledge is shared.

Board Member at Grupa Pracuj

Team, department & company network map give you superpowers

Take a look and understand how a certain team, department or a whole company works. You can find people for a new project, with specific expertise, connections or authority. Can you imagine how this changes the life of a new hire?

For the new ones, like me, this is just an incredibly useful tool, to find myself and anyone in the company.

Systems Admin at mBank