How Gosia & Mikołaj made our illustration and brand style fly

How Gosia & Mikołaj made our illustration and brand style fly

We are lucky to define Network Perspective’s brand with Gosia and Mikołaj. The way they get work done is an amazing journey worth both, writing and reading.

About Gosia Herba & Mikołaj Pasiński

Gosia is an illustrator. Once you see her work, it’s hard to forget it. The Washington Post, Quartz, The Atlantic and Google love her work. We do too.

Google Doodle
Google doodle for Stanislaw Moniuszko's birthday, created by Gosia herba

Mikołaj is a comprehensive graphic designer involved in book design, typography, print and much more.

Gosia and Mikołaj have worked together for many years. What do I like most about their work? The exceptional children books Mikołaj writes and Gosia illustrates. Just have a look at The Elephant on the Moon.

Elephant on the Moon
Elephant on the Moon, Gosia Herba, Mikołaj Pasiński

We asked Gosia and Mikołaj to help us in building our story of networks and collaboration. We waited six months and an adventure begun.

Key question for illustrations: would you like to work with such people?

Gosia get truly involved in understanding the story we wanted to tell. We sat in her apartment for many hours, discussing every single detail in a prepared brief. After 2 weeks, we received sketches drawn on a paper where Gosia had transformed our verbal story into easy to understand and funny illustrations.

Network Perspective team

I realized that Gosia is somehow able to put an extreme amount of energy into every single line while still keeping her artistic aesthetic. Everything is important: every single line and color, the whole composition. Have a look at the development of our main illustration. While thinking about the characters, Gosia was asking: would you like to work with such people?

Network Perspective homepage illustration

Once we had received the first sketch, I said to Gosia: Maybe these people look too fancy? What about taking one step toward showing ordinary people in ordinary companies? Hence, she sent the picture with people all dressed in blue and grey colors. Giving us the picture, she asked once again: would you like to work with such people? The answer was Not really. That was the moment we realized that this question was the key to all these illustrations.

Less is more for the website

Mikołaj had already been evolving Network Perspective with us for a while. Throughout the years, I noticed what a rare skill he possesses. He touches as little as possible to make a change significant. He has created a minimalist and functional style for the website. This keeps Gosia’s illustrations at the core and makes each function seamless.

Network Perspective website

Todd Mitchell has done a great job as a copywriter. His writing is eloquent and catchy.

The app rebuilt with consistency

In the previous version, the app had a black navigation bar and vividly colored dots for the networks. We decided we wanted it to be consistent with the website. Mikołaj used the same colors, typography, buttons and more to make the app look simple but stylish.

Network Perspective search

Notice the details. The grey color used for the navigation bar is not exactly grey. Grey is commonly a sad color. To avoid this association, his grey has a strong admixture of blue which makes it look more fresh and energizing.

Network Perspective on a team

This, coupled with navy blue buttons, allows the app to have more of a business feel.

Network Perspective across teams

The colors of the dots on each network were chosen by Gosia.

Network Perspective personal profile

Science-baked logo

Social networks emerge from the interactions between people. They resemble complex and organic systems similar to a flock of birds or shoal of fish. Once you look at the network, it seems to be irregular and regular at the same time. This was the impression we wanted to reflect on our logo; however, we couldn’t draw anything like that.

As Błażej had already created a few algorithms for network simulations, we decided to make a logo using network simulations.

Network Perspective logo

Playing with colors

Who could choose colors better than an illustrator? Gosia has made a lot of fun while choosing colors!

Network Perspective color palette

Mikołaj was playing with the colors to finally catch the best few ones.

Network Perspective colors

Thank you Gosia and Mikołaj for this adventure! It’s so cool to have great people around.

October 29, 2020

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