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About Us

We are building the work environment of the future that empowers every team with organizational network analysis, real-time visualizations, and predictive analytics putting ethics first.

Who we are

NP uses graph theory and network analysis to help organizations. We develop platforms for both enterprises and SMEs, disrupting traditional management and feedback with new technology that gives novel insights into the knowledge flow and cooperation patterns.

Our values

At NP, our mission is to make work habits and rituals loved by everyone by combining academic knowledge with business practice. We believe that the right software, applied in the right way, can make a difference. Collaboration and inclusiveness are our top values.

Our impact

Our ultimate goal is to help organizations and create happy teams. We believe that happy and engaged teams are much more productive than unhappy ones. At NP, we help companies unlock the potential of collaboration. We’ve already brought a network perspective to more than 50K people while working for our clients.

Our product

The NP app gives scientific and ethical insight into the intangible aspects in your organization: team-level collaboration, focus time, workload, work-life balance, support, burnout, feedback, and knowledge-sharing. We measure the flows of knowledge and cooperation, then use predictive analysis to empower people and supercharge remote work. We use organizational network analysis (ONA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to build a navigation tool in the age of chaos and BANI (Brittle. Anxious. Non-linear. Incomprehensible). And we do all of that with strong ethics upfront.

Our Team

Network Perspective has grown since its early days. We’re still a small organization but have attracted some great talent. Not only are we happy working together, but we also love what we do and the impact we make. Most importantly, we love how we do it — with meritocracy, empathy, and fun.

Anita Zbieg

Anita Zbieg, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

I’m working on Workplace Analytics area for more than 10 years. I’ve done PhD in economics and psychology, applying ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) in organizational design.

I believe that advanced Workplace Analytics with strong ethics upfront can enable people leaders to make their teams productive and happy in a new hybrid workspace.
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Dorota Piotrowska

Dorota Piotrowska

Advisory Board – HR Digital Product Strategy

I’m a Passionate People and Organisation Development and Future of Work Practitioner with over 15 years experience in senior and executive people management functions.

MY PURPOSE is to develop effective, data informed, agile, remote smart organisations that help people grow, feel enabled and self-fulfilled with the contribution they make to company's success both as team members and as individuals.
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Błażej Żak

Błażej Żak, Phd

CTO, Co-founder

I’m working experienced senior full-stack developer working with people and applying research to business. PhD on applied AI, MSc in Computer Science, and MA in Psychology.

In Network Perspective we put a lot of technological effort in applying ethics and protecting privacy while handling with big data which makes our work challenging and meaningful.
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Iza Goździeniak



I'm focused on building motivated teams that develop great products. For over 10 years I have been helping managers and teams achieve their goals using lean and agile best practices.

Workplace Analytics developed by Network Perspective helps you understand how teams work and what limits them. This is a good starting point for building more motivated and effective teams.
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Ania Garczyńska

Ania Garczyńska


I have over 19 years of experience in consulting sales of products and services related to employee development, talent acquisition, learning and development, and transition management.

I'm dedicated to helping leaders manage the value of employee experience by implementing Network Perspective analytical software. I also coordinate various knowledge-sharing initiatives on how to implement workplace analytics in an ethical and impactful way.
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Maciek Noga

Maciek Noga

Advisory Board – HR Tech

I am the founder of Grupa Pracuj, one of the biggest HR companies in Eastern Europe with annual sales of about EUR 100 million. I’m an investor and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in HR Tech and ITC projects.

Network Perspective creates the future of work. Their experienced team is working close to the clients in making disruptive innovations easy to use, insightful and vital to the business.
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Our Culture

Making a positive impact – lesson learned from NGOs

We have been lucky to work with world-class change-makers such as the World Bank and Aspen Institute in making learning, trust, and cooperation contagious in entire sectors. Root Change taught us to think about the impact of everything we do, big or small.

Simplify & iterate – lesson learned from business

We’ve started with science, as both our NP co-founders are academics. What we’ve learned is the golden rule of simplifying—if you can’t describe your idea or current task in one sentence, you might not understand it well enough.

Do & have fun – lesson learned from IT

We’re doers, and we like the things we do. We know how to do things. How to learn new stuff. How to make things tangible to move forward (even if it means pivoting). How to take small steps—act, test, iterate, change, develop. How to have fun and enjoy every single thing we do.

Listen & learn – lesson learned from science

We gather feedback, and constantly learn new stuff. We go beyond our specialization. We use the common experience. Learning from our own mistakes is good, but it makes no sense to repeat mistakes we’ve already made. That’s our lesson learned from science, especially from the SNA/ONA group at PWr.

Small teams can do big things – lesson learned from ourselves

The two of us built the first NP module and made it useful for several impressive organizations (KGHM, mBank, Burda International). The biggest project was for 25K people. It took us two years of doing everything—marketing, sales, customer success, feedback, product development, maintenance, and R&D. Being so versatile and productive was a life-changing experience. We want to repeat it by scaling up our company.

Our clients

We’ve already helped 57k individuals and mapped over half a million connections, but we’re just getting started. We have supported several international companies, helping them to use ONA ethically. ONA by NP is the future of HR management.

mBankAllegro logoING LogoCD ProjektGeneral Electric

Our day-to-day

We fully embrace remote teams; they are the future. We also just like them. Working from home doesn’t mean working on your own. We practice close cross-team cooperation using an agile project methodology. We’ve done it for years and found it not only makes us productive, but also gives us a sense of fulfillment in reaching our goal, which has always been to create a business environment that best achieves a work–life balance.

Empathy as a mindset

First things first, understanding another person’s perspective is a mindset we value a lot. We communicate openly and value the freedom of expression.

Meritocracy as a language

It’s much easier to communicate using data and facts than when using opinions. We also do our best to learn from our mistakes and move forward with the knowledge we already have.

Customer insight as a driver

We are lucky to work with great companies that are always willing to share their experience with us. This is what drives us to excel, and we love it.

Remote as a framework

Flexible working hours? In our team, everyone chooses their own working hours. Our work requires us to be focused, creative, and data and results-driven. Some of us are more comfortable and productive during the day, others at night. And it’s all fine.

Start working in a data-informed smart way

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