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Maximize deep work and foster deliberate collaboration with real-time data and AI-driven refinements!

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Reduce meeting & context switching overload in your teams

Teams using the WorkSmart app save 2 deep work hours/week/employee after just 3 months.
Over 20,000 people in the tech industry are already working smarter with us.

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What our clients think about us.

Mar. 22. 2023
"The best ONA tool to build and maintain a strong company culture."
Alex Y.
Management consulting
More than 10000 Employees
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Mar. 15. 2023
"It gives us a chance to follow the progress and make real change in the way we collaborate. Benchmarks are valuable to us, too."
Verified Reviewer
Information Technology and Services
1001 to 5000 Employees
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Mar. 07. 2023
"WorkSmart brings peoples attention to important aspects of how we work together that are normally out of sight and out of mind."
John T.
Information Technology and Services
1,001-5,000 employees
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Mar. 03. 2023
"I appreciate the assistance provided by the Network Perspective team in implementing the application, learning its usage, and addressing user inquiries about the tool."
Verified Reviewer
5,001-10,000 employees
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Mar. 31. 2023
"The way they visualise collaboration and ways of working is innovative and actionable. We're measuring not only how we work in formal structure, but also in agile structure."
Piotr O.
5,001-10,000 employees
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Intelligent co-pilot loved by teams

Network Perspective runs not only analytics. We guide teams on how to improve collaboration with insights & actions related to meetings, deep work, context switching, and connectivity in & across teams.
They are ethically built on real-time data from calendars, chats & emails.

Time spent on meetings

Reduce collaboration overload

Cut time spent on meetings and messages by prompting balance between synchronous and asynchronous work.

Learn more about collaboration productivity analytics →

Most productive companies reduce their lost time to ineffective collaboration by 50%.

We avoid meetings, when possible, because they don't support the asynchronous workflow and are hard to conduct due to time zone differences.

Sid Sijbrandij

CEO at GitLab

Prioritize time for deep work

Find more time for deep work and reduce context switching by grouping tasks and meetings.

Learn more about focus time and deep work analytics →

Minimum 2 hours daily streaks are important to get work done.

How I used deep work to enjoy being CEO again?  I changed my work schedule to find a long period of time when I can focus on important things.

Tom Karwatka

CEO at Divante

Time for deep work
Weekly status updates and knowledge sharing

Evolve status & bonding routines

Maintain team productivity and bonding with daily and weekly routines.

Learn more about status & bonding routines analytics →

Regular status meetings and 1on1s reduce the need for leader guidance by 50%.

We have ‘core hours’ between 2pm and 5pm CET where we should aim to be available. Friday is our ‘demo’ day where we all come together for an hour and share what’s been shipped and accomplished during the week. Having this structure in place allows teams across different continents to align their efforts and stay focused.

 Ryan Robinson

Customer Success Manager at Hotjar

Make cross-team projects seamless

Connect with the right collaborators and optimize the processes where collaboration takes too much time. 

Learn more about cross-team collaboration analytics →

40% of companies report that different departments have different agendas.

With Network Perspective we’ve physically demonstrated to a large audience the missed opportunity by unexplored connections in the company.

Margaret Ann Dowling

Regional Director for Burda Poland and the Czech Republic

Ongoing Guidance from Manager

Scale best leadership practices

Guide your team with care and without overload by increasing regular 1on1s and reducing ad hoc coordination.

Learn more about leadership analytics →

Leaders spend about 34 hours per week on meetings after shifting their teams into remote work.

Being able to see the patterns of connectivity within groups really helps a leader make more targeted decisions to improve group effectiveness than simply holding more Zoom calls or virtual happy hours.

Rob Cross

professor at Babson College in Wellesley

Foster your team's work-life harmony

Balance work and life by controlling after work hours.

Learn more about work-life harmony analytics →

94% of service professionals spend over 50 hours working each week.

I believe a balanced life is essential, and I try to make sure that all of our employees know that and live that way. It’s crucial to me as a manager that I help ensure that our employees are as successful as our customers and partners.

Marc Benioff

Chairman and CEO of SalesForce

Workday lenght
Lifting Interactions

Boost peer-to-peer learning

Build connections with diverse teams and lifting interactions with people up in the hierarchy.

Learn more about learning & development analytics →

22% of employees see insufficient career development as their reason for leaving the company.

Network Perspective fits well into the current bank’s way of thinking about how to look into the future: how to replace traditional, centralized, and inefficient mechanisms supporting the development of people with modern technologies - more agile, scattered, and with a higher level of objectivism.

Jakub Fast

Retail Banking Products and Customer Segments Managing Director, mBank

Strenghten connections & break down silos

Learn the broader context of work by seeing your place in the network of teams. 

Learn more about Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) →

92% of companies want to redesign their structures.

The BEUMER Group intends to transform its organization structure towards a network organization. Network Perspective's dedication and deep knowledge of the topic is key in making this project a success.

Kilian Neubert

Digital Transformation Manager

Sample Network

We’re syncing with world class collaboration tools

Your company uses many tools to get the work done. Therefore Network Perspective connects to many sources to deliver comprehensive view of the way of working in your organization.

Learn more about integrations →

100% compliance to GDPR


Data privacy and security are built into every single technical element of the Network Perspective app. It is ethical by design with data security and privacy built into the user experience. We use only metadata describing the traces of interactions. Interaction content is not downloaded, metadata is hashed/encrypted (anonymized), and all the stats are calculated and presented in the form aggregated into the level of teams or groups of a minimum of 5 people. Leaders only see their own teams' stats and visualizations with no access to the stats by leaders of groups.

Boost teams' productivity
and retention

Network Perspective helps your leaders boost team productivity and well-being with data-first continuous feedback on how to get the work done in a smarter way: with less collaboration, more deep work time, better synchronization, increased work-life balance, and great peer-to-peer learning experiences. Personalized dashboards for leaders and teams.

Learn more about data-informed teams' productivity and retention →

Enable leaders with work habits analytics

Many leaders are empowered to make business decisions, but often, they aren't properly enabled to do so. Namely, they are not equipped enough with the relevant resources, data, tools and/or training. Numbers & nudges describing their team’s ways of working might help.

Learn more about data-informed leadership in the new hybrid workplace →

Embed work-life harmony & collaborative social learning in everyday work

There’s a direct link between employee performance and their mental and physical well-being and individual development. It’s simple – if a leader gives the team the means to recover from work, he or she will avoid the havoc a heavy workload can wreak on the team. The workplace that promotes work-life harmony and enables people to learn from others is the best place for employees to grow individually and boost your business.

Learn more about work-life harmony & collaborative social learning →

Give people teams employee journey and experience metrics

Empower every person and team’s decision with a deep understanding of the ways of working at each stage of the employee journey: newbie, individual contributor, manager, and director with data on collaboration, team’s rituals, individual work, leader’s guidance, work-life harmony, and learning.

Learn more about data-informed employee journey and experience →

To help your company work smart in a new hybrid workplace

Your team and company responsiveness and agility in remote or hybrid work depend not on control but quality context—i.e., real-time data and seamlessly-collaborating teams. The data we provide aims to help build habits and rituals within and across teams that result in the greater well-being of employees, better-performing teams, and improved business outcomes. 

The people behind Network Perspective

Meet all our associates →
Anita Zbieg

Anita Zbieg, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

I’ve been working in the Workplace Analytics field for more than 10 years. I’ve completed a Ph.D. in economics and psychology, applying ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) in organizational design.

I believe that advanced Workplace Analytics with strong ethics upfront can enable people leaders to make their teams productive and happy in a new hybrid workspace.
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Dorota Piotrowska

Dorota Piotrowska

Advisory Board – HR Digital Product Strategy

I’m a Passionate People and Organization Development and Future of Work Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in senior ad executive people management functions.

MY PURPOSE is to develop effective, data-informed, agile, remote smart organizations that help people grow and feel enabled and self-fulfilled with the contribution that they make to the company's success both as team members and as individuals.
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Błażej Żak

Błażej Żak, PhD

CTo, co-founder

I’m working experienced senior full-stack developer working with people and applying research to business. PhD on applied AI, MSc in Computer Science, and MA in Psychology.

What I like most in Network Perspective? We put a lot of conceptual and technological effort in applying ethics and protecting privacy while handling with big data which makes our work challenging and meaningful.
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Ania Garczyńska

Ania Garczyńska


I have over 19 years of experience in consulting sales of products and services related to employee development, talent acquisition, learning and development, and transition management.

I'm dedicated to helping leaders manage the value of employee experience by implementing Network Perspective analytical software. I also coordinate various knowledge-sharing initiatives on how to implement workplace analytics in an ethical and impactful way.
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