Get more productive!
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Get more productive!

Have a look at how Network Perspective co-pilot app guides teams toward working smarter! 🔥

➡ You can release time and connect the right teams to become more productive with the app.

Assuming that up to 85% of work time is consumed by collaboration, spending it not smartly leads to a huge productivity loss & burnout.

Teams love the insights & actions from the Network Perspective that make much more intentional their:

🔵 meetings,

🔵 deep work,

🔵 context switching, and

🔵 intra- and cross-team connections.

The team-level feedback we provide them with is built on data from calendars, chats & emails.

Over 20k people from tech (incl. CD Projekt Red, Allegro, Adaptavist) already work smarter with the app.

Join them to work smarter! 🤸

March 30, 2023

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