Our co-pilot app for teams in a brand new video!
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Our co-pilot app for teams in a brand new video!

We wanted to share a new video with you:📽

A fresh one, in which Andrea Pahim brought our logo and Gosia Herba's gorgeous graphics to life! 🎞

Ok, and maybe we'll start with a short summary of our app:

🔘 The Network Perspective platform brings together data, benchmarks, and micro-actions & automations to guide your teams in better time investment and better collaboration.

🔘 It shows the metrics gathered and how they compare to those from high-performing teams (as measured by employee engagement).

🔘 If the team metrics are outside the Work-smart Index, the platform suggests actions teams can take to nudge their metric in the right direction.

🔘 By drawing attention to different characteristics of daily organisational life, making them transparent and widely available, people develop the intention of improving them and then act accordingly.

Sounds interesting?

We'd love to go deeper into the topic with you!

And if you like the video design, set up a time for coffee with Andrea Pahim!

Ok, and now, take two minutes to see why it's worth to measure and change collaboration habits in your team with our app!


August 2, 2023

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