Short notes on how we do things

Short notes on how we do things

What’s new in Network Perspective? How we do things? What we are proud of? Here are some notes about us.

Why we’ve invented our own programming language

How do you handle network visualizations, algorithms, and feedback from clients with different needs and org charts working in a small team? How do you make software that covers the use case of both a 100-person company and a 25,000-person company? We’ve created our own programming language to handle both of those things through the customizations in the NP app. Check out the admin panel for the Network Perspective Language below.

Network Perspective Admin Panel

There are clients who can push even this kind of software to the limits. For example, one of our clients, BEUMER Group, created an organizational map of employees working in over 25 locations, with nine hierarchy levels. The real challenge was to visualize different organizational charts for each business unit.

Appearing on the first page of Hacker News

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,.” said Andy Warhol. We just hit the HN frontpage with Code Collaboration Charts!! How awesome is that?!

Network Perspective at Hacker News

Maxed out R&D project

Boom! We’ve maxed out an R&D project, being first on the list among approximately 200 companies. The grant is for 1,3 mln PLN, and the project is about to be run by 2 AI professors, 5 PhDs, and business professionals.

The goal of the project is to develop a new module for the Network Perspective platform to predict a team-level burnout based on the data from HR systems and information about interactions. Through integration with many company systems, the app will have the ability to collect data on team activity in various areas and channels of communication and cooperation (e.g., email, calendar). The most important element of the solution will be algorithms for automatic and intelligent diagnosis of critical moments in the team’s development process, as well as signals indicating the risk of exit. All with ethics upfront.

How we’ve created a logo with network simulations

Complex systems are simultaneously both irregular and regular. Social networks emerge from the interactions between people. They resemble organic systems, similar to a flock of birds or shoal of fish. This structure was the impression we wanted to reflect in our logo; however, we couldn’t draw anything like that.

As Błażej had already created a few algorithms for network simulations, we decided to make a logo using network simulations.

Network Perspective Logo

Here is the scientific work we’ve used in the process—network simuluations helped us understand two social mechanisms two social mechanisms: social contagion and social selection.

Social contagion mechanism

Social contagion NP simulation

Social selection mechanism

Social selection NP simulation

October 14, 2020

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