SoDa Webinar
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SoDa Webinar

We had the pleasure of conducting a webinar for SoDa members today.

SoDA is an organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland. Their goal is to connect different industry players and to provide useful tools to the members. They promote, support, grow, and integrate Polish software companies. SoDa unites the industry searching for synergies and co-operations.

Anita Zbieg tried to answer the following questions:

🎯 How to increase the efficiency of technology teams?

🎯 What are the keys to unlocking developer productivity?

🎯 Which collaboration areas generate the most pain in tech teams?

🎯 Why is it worth to measure and change collaboration habits?

🎯 Can you really see the impact of changing habits after just 3 months?

We shared examples of how this approach works in tech teams in practice: data, benchmarks, impact & real use cases examples from different tech organizations.

It was a real pleasure to share our experience with the SoDa community!

September 12, 2023

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