The Next Phase of Transforming Work Efficiency: Seed Investment Energizes Expansion and Sets New Goals for our AI-based Productivity Platform

The Next Phase of Transforming Work Efficiency: Seed Investment Energizes Expansion and Sets New Goals for our AI-based Productivity Platform

Time to speed up! As we’ve closed the seed round with, we now move to setting even more ambitious goals for the future :rocket:

Where we are

Our AI platform is already helping 20K tech pros improve productivity, save on avg 2hrs weekly per person and scale-up smart work habits across companies with no effort. It drives tangible results because it’s based on a holistic approach merging three crucial components:

  • Data: real-time analysis of teams’ calendars, chats, emails data with full individual privacy protection,
  • Intelligence: Organizational Network Analysis and advanced AI algorithms employed to help every team better understand work and collaboration habits and identify areas for improvement,
  • Actions: tasks and micro-automations that build team-level and company-wide contracts to decrease meeting and context switching time and ensure enough deep work without losing teamwork, connectivity and interpersonal relations inside and between teams.

Where we’re going

Learning from our cooperation with Adaptavist Group, a leading global partner of Atlassian supporting more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, and a NY-based accelerator WEVE, we’ve identified strategic directions to follow when prioritizing tasks on our roadmap:

  • Bigger picture with new data: integrating with code repositories and task management systems to enrich data about work habits with information about the outcomes and processes.
  • Deeper understanding by contextualization: developing benchmarking AI algorithms helping teams to find the right baselines for comparisons, learn from others and assess own productivity against similar, high performing teams inside the company as well as applicable external benchmarks. These customized reference points will support finding key habits to change faster, setting up goals adjusted to their domain and work specifics, and better predicting the potential impact of actions to take.
  • More tailored advice for scaling-up easier: boosting our current Actions section with an AI assistant to help leaders co-create new solutions including the most recent best practices from tech industry, micro-automations aimed at optimizing currently used systems, and customized according to team’s workload data insights.

Now we want to hear from you! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of our platform and the broader tech landscape. Engage with a community passionate about transforming tech productivity. Let’s connect to innovate and grow together!

April 29, 2024

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