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ABSL Webinar

On October 13, we had the pleasure of co-hosting ABSL Poland online meeting!

ABSL Digital, Technology & Transformation Club invited us to hold a webinar, where Ewa Krupa (HR Director, Orange Polska) and Anita Zbieg, PhD (CEO, Network Perspective) shared:

✅ lessons learned from using big data to support cultural transformation,

✅ the collaboration data used,

✅ examples of data-driven C-level decisions and targeted actions (top-down),

✅ examples of how personalized feedback provided directly to teams can increase their performance (bottom-up),

✅ lessons learned on how to process and distribute collaboration data with strong privacy and security protections,

✅ what the key challenges and implications of this approach are.

ABSL Poland - we highly appreciate your invitation to share our knowledge and experience with such a great group of your members!🙏🔥

Here's the recording from this event:

October 13, 2023

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