Allegro - Speeding up experiments  on new ways of working in the largest e-commerce of European origin
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Allegro - Speeding up experiments on new ways of working in the largest e-commerce of European origin

The challenge

The company is already using the top world software to actively listen to employees, and measure their perceptions, opinions and ideas on how to change the workplace. As a top tech company, the Allegro team believes it can always strive for better, and always looks for new ways to do that. 

Real time evidence based data on how we collaborate & work can help Allegro in many ways: speed up the experiments, find out what is needed most, focus on the actions with the higher impact, make data-informed decisions and guide the company towards new, smarter ways of working.

Network Perspective @ Allegro

Network Perspective analytical platform provides Allegro with evidence-based continuous feedback & insights about the way of work: remote-first micro-habits, the balance between sync & async, and our connectivity. 

Allegro aims to experiment on a pilot group of 500 people according to the rule train the trainers by showing the workload & wellbeing reports to the teams responsible for the transformation and one business function in the first phase. The company would like to find out if it can use: 

  • data as an evidence based support for current reasoning about how they work, 
  • data as question marks about needs and patterns hidden for them so far,
  • data as a help in finding the areas / actions with highest impact, 
  • data as a speed up in experimenting & finding what suits the company best,
  • data as a trigger for change, continuous feedback about its adoption & arguments to celebrate the wins.        

Moreover, Allegro loves how the data & insights are structured in the tool around workload & well-being experiences in teams: meetings, deep work, context switching + intra-team bonding, cross-team learning, and work-life harmony. 

Finally, the customer believes that Network Perspective data & insights will help them in navigating and adopting the new ways of working toward better teams’ experiences and work habits.

August 17, 2023

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