Orange - studying the company culture with big data
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Orange - studying the company culture with big data

Orange is a network operator and digital service provider present in 26 countries. Here is the story of Orange operating in Poland.

The challenge

The company is employing more than 10K people. Understanding the culture in the aspects of work habits and shaping them actively on such a scale is challenging. Real time evidence based data on how we collaborate & work can help Orange Poland to find out what are the key challenges, understand them, share the insights directly to the teams and help them co-shape the ways of working with a bottom up approach.

Network Perspective @ Orange Poland

Network Perspective analytical platform provides Orange Poland the know-how and analytics related to workload and well-being work experiences. Big data & insights are structured in the tool around workload & well-being experiences in teams: meetings, deep work, context switching + intra-team bonding, cross-team learning, and work-life harmony.

The company can understand those aspects of culture, proactively change it, and measure if the changes are working successfully. Orange Poland aims to study teams that group 7000 people, distribute the data-informed dashboard directly to teams to:

  • spark curiosity and drive progress,
  • motivate for experiments & change,
  • support team tailored experiments & help find what works best,
  • provide continuous feedback & reasons to celebrate wins.

July 20, 2023

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