The attrition in tech - a few numbers
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The attrition in tech - a few numbers

1,7 year is the average tenure for employees in 10 biggest tech companies in the last few years (Business Insider, 2017):

  • Facebook: 2.02 years
  • Google: 1.90 years
  • Oracle: 1.89 years
  • Apple: 1.85 years
  • Amazon: 1.84 years
  • Twitter: 1.83 years
  • Microsoft: 1.81 years
  • Airbnb: 1.64 years
  • Snap Inc.: 1.62 years
  • Uber: 1.23 years

If your company does not face this problem now, it probably will in the near future. 

€17M yearly cost at a 1000-people company is calculated based on: current employee attrition rate at an average level of 20-30% for tech, coming managers’ attrition rate at a level of 40-60%, and attrition cost up to 150% of annual salary (40K EUR).

Companies now struggle with the change in the workplace triggered by the pandemic: uncertainty, increased workload, more collaboration or less bonding and connectivity. 

As a consequence: 90% of employees experience burnout, 64% of employees are ready to quit, and managers’ jobs become 10x harder (Humu, 2022). 

Managers are struggling and don’t feel equipped to deal with sky-high levels of teams’ workload and burnout.

That’s why they are at higher risk of leaving, than Individual Contributors (Humu, 2022). 

March 8, 2022

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