Whites – Building data-informed work culture in one of the fastest growing agencies in the world
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Whites – Building data-informed work culture in one of the fastest growing agencies in the world

Whites Agency is on the list of the fastest growing agencies in the world according to the American Adweek. 

The challenge

The Agency is well known for its data-driven approach to their services (marketing strategy & consulting, SEO, content & performance marketing, and social media), and its strong company culture. 

With the pandemic the agency has opened to remote work, and the need to use data to better understand and boost the culture became obvious. As data and people are the two core principles, the company has searched for ways on how to boost the feedback culture of their fast growing teams in an evidence based way.    

Network Perspective @ Whites 

Whites uses the Network Perspective app to provide teams with continuous feedback about work habits and syncs. 

The two main challenges of remote work refer to teams’ workload & time management and teams’ well-being and connectivity. More time is spent on collaboration and, on the other hand, the intra-tem connectivity and connectivity of new employees is much harder. 

Network Perspective app is providing teams @ Whites with about 100 metrics & insights on how to improve in 6 areas of teamwork. Three of them are describing teams’ workload & time investment: deep work, meetings, chats & emails. The other three are describing teams’ well-being & social interactions: intra-team bonding, cross-team learning, work-life harmony.  The dashboards are available for every single team member and allow to set up goals for teams, choose the right actions to improve and observe changes in time. 

With Network Perspective dashboards, team members feel more empowered to deal with collaboration overload, boost well-being, and synchronize more effectively. People leaders can do a deep dive into teams’ experiences, and learn how to better guide their people. Finally, the HR team and the board can evolve the company culture toward a more effective, healthy and engaging workspace, where people can create their own teams’ work habits and the company is able to organize and synchronize better by using this bottom-up approach.

All of this with strong ethics upfront: personal data anonymized, and team level analytics only. When teammates see only one number describing the experience of work during a week of an average team member, they feel comfortable with the results, and they work on collaboration challenges as a team. With this approach we not only protect the privacy of individuals, but we also build a strong team culture with good work habits.  

August 19, 2022

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