WorkSmart application

Free up time and connect the right teams to become more productive with our analytical software!

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Looking for data-informed answers on how to work smarter?

Use the metrics, insights & actions to make your meetings, deep work, context switching, and connections much more intentional!

Time for deep work
Ongoing guidance form manager
Time spent on meetings

Key Features

Reporting and Analytics
Activity Dashboard
Engagement Tracking
Turnover Tracking
Goal Management
Performance Management
Performance Metrics
Trend Analysis
Predictive Modeling

Use collaboration data with strong ethics upfront

The team-level feedback we provide teams with is built in an ethical way on data from calendars, chats & emails. Over 20k people from tech already work smarter with the app.

Teams using the solution are 8% more productive in collaboration after just 3 months.

Get the tailored made dashboards for your teams

Regular data in 5 areas
of teams' work habits

How is it now?

Benchmarks customized for tech

How should it be?

Actionable insights to change work habits

What will we do?

Save your teams’ time & energy for where work happens!

3 200 hours/week
saved for deep work
(1000 people company, impact measured after 6 month)
Really powerful and extremely relevant for the current climate. (...)  A great product, and a data-driven approach to managing collaboration and hybrid working.

Managing Director

People Analytics World

CD ProjektmBankINGGeneral Electric

A bit more about our WorkSmart app

SaaS, Cloud-Based,
hybrid for Enterprises
Mid-size Companies
and Enterprises
Pricing: per seat
per month, trial version

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