Maximize teams’ deep work
with real-time data and AI-driven refinements from our workspace productivity AI platform.

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Locate meeting & context switching overload

and foster deliberate collaboration with real-time data, insights, and AI-driven refinements.

Key Features

Team Reports
Collaboration Analytics
Team Contracts
Action Plans
Impact Calculated
Best Practices Scaled
Trend Analysis
Deep Learning Applied

Use collaboration data with strong ethics upfront

Weekly context of teams’ workload from calendars, chats, and emails is provided with full individual privacy protection.

Meta-data (no content) is hashed on an individual level and analytics are performed only on a team level (minimum of 5 people). Everything runs in real-time, functioning as an autopilot.

Get the tailored made dashboards for your teams


calendars, chats, emails

100% privacy protection


your teams’ experience

internal & external benchmarks


tech-stack, processes, contracts

best dev practices

Save your teams’ time & energy for where work happens!

3 200 hours/week
saved for deep work
(1000 people company, impact measured after 6 month)
Really powerful and extremely relevant for the current climate. (...)  A great product, and a data-driven approach to managing collaboration and hybrid working.

Managing Director

People Analytics World

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A bit more about our WorkSmart app

SaaS, Cloud-Based,
hybrid for Enterprises
Mid-size Companies
and Enterprises
Pricing: per seat
per month, trial version

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