Collaboration data synced

Network Perspective syncs collaboration data from many other apps because your employees use many tools to get their work done.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Do not ask your employees to remember another login and password. With single sign-on enabled if they are logged in-to GSuite or Office 365, they are also logged in to Network Perspective. When an employee leaves your company, his/her access to Network Perspective is also automatically revoked.

Office 365, Google Workspace
Google and microsoft apps

Email & chat collaboration metadata

Employee collaboration leaves digital traces in various systems. Bring a dynamic, real-time picture of how work really gets done by syncing collaboration metadata with Network Perspective.

Meetings and calls

Some work still happens offline and hence can't be included in feedback, right? Wrong. Gather digital traces of offline and online meetings from calendars and meetings software.

Google and microsoft apps
Office 365, Google Workspace

Start small with one click

Get access to 60+ statistics describing the working and networking methods within your organization. You need just one integration: G-suite or Office 365.

Start working in a data-informed smart way

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