Ethics in People Analytics

Ethical by design with data security and privacy built into Network Perspective technical scaffold and user experience. We use only metadata describing the traces of interactions. Interaction content is not downloaded, metadata is hashed/encrypted (anonymized), and all the stats are calculated and presented in the form aggregated into the level of teams or groups of a minimum of 5 people. The results are presented in a form of feedback for a leader and a team, with no harm to the privacy of leaders.

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How to leverage advanced People Analytics with strong ethics upfront? →

Before we add any new option, we work with GDPR lawyers and refresh DPIA for standard implementation of the app. We always look at the GDPR from your perspective. 

What is a DPIA? A DPIA is a process designed to help you systematically analyze, identify, and minimize the data protection risks of a project or plan.

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