Collaboration data synced

Network Perspective syncs collaboration data from many other apps, 
because your employees use many tools to get their work done.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Do not ask your employees to remember another login and password. With single sign-on enabled if they are logged in to GSuite, Office 365, cloud or local Active Directory they are also logged in to Network Perspective. When an employee leaves your company his access to Network Perspective is also automatically revoked.

Profiles / teams / skills

You probably already have some kind of employee profiles in one or many of your systems. Bring it all to Network Perspective by enabling employee profile sync. Works with GSuite, Office 365, cloud or local Active Directory. Enrich the data with list of projects a person is working on, her skills and other information to supercharge co-worker search.

Email, chat and document collaboration metadata

Employee collaboration leave digital traces in various systems. Bring a dynamic, real-time picture of how work really gets done by syncing collaboration metadata with Network Perspective.

Code collaboration

Does it seem like your programmers are lacking some social skills? Give them social superpowers and boost their productivity. Sync collaboration data from the tools they use every day, be it Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Azure Devops or any other code repository.

Project and task collaboration

Bring a new perspective to your projects and capture synergies. Sync data about task and projects from Asana, Jira, Planner and Trello.

Meetings and calls

Some work still happens offline and hence can't be included in a collaboration chart, right? Wrong. Gather digital traces of offline and online meetings from calendars and meetings software.