Proven work practices 
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Collaboration chart

Knowing how to properly work is as important as knowing who you work for. Network Perspective enriches your organizational chart by visualizing how your employees and teams collaborate, while keeping all the information and features of a traditional org chart intact.

Unlike a traditional organizational chart, a collaboration chart represents the unique ways of completing work often developed by employees themselves. Which is the best way to increase efficiency and respond to market reality and challenge.

CEO of Atos Poland

Insightful connections

It’s often difficult to find the right person in another department, even when you know their help would be invaluable. Fortunately, there's usually someone who has already made the connection. Network Perspective makes these links visible so you can reach out to the right person on your first try.

Effective communication between our organizational units is very important for our business — Network Perspective helped us o lot to improve it.

Director of corporate communication at GAZ-SYSTEM

Network of teams

It's easy to get things done within your team where everyone knows each other. So why does it have to be so difficult when a new task requires someone with outside expertise? Network Perspective lets you navigate the whole organization as easily as you would your own backyard.

Now I see how things work everywhere. If I need someone with outside expertise I instantly know who should I ask to get answers. It's such a timesaver.

Quality Engineer at Parker Hannifin

Everything you need to navigate your organization


Personalized, powered by graph algorithms and machine learning, it knows everyone in your company.


Easily identify brokers — people who provide a connection to two areas of expertise.


Need help that goes beyond a simple phone call? Find coordinators who can assign someone to your project.

Formal leaders

Sometimes your idea just needs more budget to shine. Network Perspective identifies the people who can help.

Employee network

Seeing the connections between individuals and teams will tell you a lot about how work gets done.

Organizational structure

Network Perspective integrates with your org chart perfectly, keeping all the information you could find there.

Network Perspective is more than collaboration chart