Collaboration and feedback surveys

Network Perspective can collect employee feedback and collaboration data  
using relational or traditional surveys.

Who do you work with?

Sometimes it is just easiest to ask. Create and distribute collaboration surveys and get a Network Perspective in minutes without asking your IT department for anything. You can also get collaboration data by connecting apps.

Whom do you ask for help or advice?

Experts, people with deep knowledge, talents, innovators, problem solvers, who are you looking for? Run a snowball survey to find specific people in large organizations. Snowball sampling lets you start a survey with just a few people and let them invite others.

Which project is the most promising?

Identify your experts and ask for their opinions on various topics. Cut research and development costs tenfold by gathering quick insights on new projects and ideas from people that know.

  • Which project has the best sales potential?
  • Which project is the easiest to implement in our organization?
  • Which project brings the biggest value to our customers?

What is your expertise?

Deepen your knowledge about employee skills and expertise with quick one-minute skills surveys. Then target other questions and communication to people with specific expertise.